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How to create a project template

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When you create a project, you can save it as a template. Project templates keep information about the workflow and project details. In order to create a project, you need to have a customer. If you do not have a customer, read How to create a customer first.

1. Go to the Projects tab, and click Add project.

2. Select a customer, then type in a name for the project.

3. Select a source language and one or multiple target languages.

4. Upload a source file for this project.

5. Select a workflow.

6. Click the Save as template button on the bottom of the screen.

7. Type in a name for the template, and choose if you want to use the template only with this customer or with all customers. You can also add a description in the text field. Click the Save button and close the window.

8. Your template is now saved and you can finish creating your project. Click the Create button.

9. You can use this template the next time you create a project for this customer.