• There is now an option to search for an exact match, phrase match or broad match within XTM concordance.
  • Three new text direction isolation marks can now be entered to improve bidirectional text translation.

XTM Project Manager

  • Cost approver and cost manager roles have been introduced to improve project & cost management.
  • It is now possible to track the time a subcontractor spent on your project.

XTM Engine

  • There is a new file filter based on regular expressions for extracting translatable content from text files. This is step 1 of being able to process Madcap Flare files.
  • XTM now supports 30 additional languages.

Machine translation

  • The Microsoft Translator integration with XTM now uses the Translator API V3 which supports neural machine translation and is GDPR processor compliant.

XTM Portal

  • There are now additional possibilities for users to customize the appearance of XTM Portal.
  • There is a new option to choose which Portal pages can only be viewed by logged in users.

XTM Connect

  • XTM Connect – Change Control for Git now features a user interface that allows for manual selection of files for translation.
  • Files translated from one source directory can now be delivered to multiple target directories by XTM Connect – Change Control for GIT.
  • Projects created by XTM Connect – Change Control for GIT can now include the name of the branch in the project name.
  • It is now possible to choose in XTM Connect for Google Sheets whether source text meta data will be displayed in XTM Editor as comments or in a new column.