• Bilingual terminology can now be intelligently extracted in Excel format when performing an alignment of parallel texts.

Project Management

  • The Metrics calculation for continuous projects has been enhanced. Project managers can now download an Excel report with the history of all metrics generated during the project.
  • The XTM LQA scoring method can now be based on either the source or the target word count.

File processing

  • XTM can now intelligently process multilingual Excel files with different structures in one project, by auto-detecting column headers.
  • XTM now supports DITA packages with customized DITA root node names. Joined DITA files can now be displayed in XTM Workbench according to the hierarchy defined in the DITA map.


  • API REST methods have been improved to let users find information about any modifications made to projects within the selected date range.
  • The REST API now offers a method to obtain manual time tracking values at job, target language, file, step, and bundle levels.
  • A new REST API method is now available to apply, retrieve, and update existing TM tag groups and tags.
  • With the getProjects method it is now possible to sort projects by column and ascending/descending order.
  • It is now possible to update pre-processing due dates in continuous projects via the REST API.

XTM Connect

  • The WordPress connector now supports translating posts and pages created with reusable blocks of content.
  • The WordPress connector can now seamlessly handle files with custom post types.
  • XTM Connect – Kentico now supports Kentico 12.0.
  • The XTM Marketo connector has been enhanced to be able to send different assets under the same Marketo program at once.

MT Integrations

  • Using new global settings, it is now possible to configure Systran MT matching to occur in XTM Workbench, after analysis or both.
  • The range of machine translation engines available in XTM has been expanded to now include Iconic MT.

XTM Mobile

  • XTM Mobile app has been rewritten in Flutter, a powerful toolkit that supports both iOS and Android.

XTM Workbench

  • In-Country Reviewers and linguists can now benefit from a new simplified XTM Workbench view. XTM Workbench options and docked panel tabs can now be hidden based on global settings and user preferences.
  • The XTM Workbench docked panel has been redesigned for an optimal user experience. The tabs can be now rearranged and resized according to the user preference window.
  • A new shortcut is now available in XTM Workbench to flexibly change segment status to “Draft”.
  • To enhance productivity and ease of use, XTM Workbench now offers the possibility to create personalised shortcuts for special characters.

Translation Memory Manager

  • The option whether to store TIPP-format segments with a “Rejected” status in translation memory is now configurable at both system and customer levels.


  • XTM now supports: Bari, Shan, Nuer, Mon, Toposa, Acholi, Dinka. This covers approx. 8.5 million people around the globe.
  • XTM now supports the Rotuman language, belonging to the widely spread Austronesian language family.
  • With SSO enabled, XTM users can now choose between the following authentication options: SSO only or both – SSO and XTM.

XTM Portal

  • XTM Portal administrators can edit css files in the Portal admin panel under a new ‘Custom theme’ tab using a Silverstripe editor.
  • The Translation Options tab for the standard Request Translation page has been redesigned for a better user experience.
  • Translation requesters in XTM Portal can now use project templates to pre-populate Subject Matters, Custom fields, and Language pairs.
  • A search bar has been added to the project listing page to quickly find projects.
  • Single sign-on for XTM Portal has been improved. SSO authentication has been configured to accept and pass longer attributes.
  • XTM Portal now offers a smart navigation option. Portal admins can now decide on the priority of the navigation menu items and hide less important items under the “More” link.
  • CSV files with subject matters can now be added to Request Translation Enterprise users
  • XTM Portal is now responsive and works on desktop and mobile devices.