• Users can now configure analysis templates directly from the user interface thanks to the new filter templates for:
    • Excel files
    • multilingual Excel files

Project Manager

  • The workflow logic in continuous projects and project reanalyses has been enhanced. Assignments and steps are now handled more consistently.
  • Project managers can now easily access the information about updated source files or updated due dates directly from within the Project listing page and via Advanced search.
  • Project managers can now gain useful MT productivity insights with the new MT edit distance reports.
  • The minimum and maximum due dates are now displayed on the Project listing page also for workflow steps


  • It is now possible to define terminology rights for a specific linguist opening  XTM Workbench via a link through REST API.
  • It is now possible to clone a project via REST API.
  • The REST API method to obtain projects has been enhanced with an option to filter projects by custom fields as well as by their statuses.
  • When adding a source file to a project via REST API, it is now possible to define custom metadata that will be displayed in the Workflow editor and on the Tasks view for reference.
  • It is now possible to create project templates using a new REST API method.
  • The REST API method to find  project templates has been extended. It now includes an option to find a project template based on custom fields.
  • The REST API cost method has been improved to return additional costs like management fee or fixed prices.


XTM Workbench

  • Project managers and Administrators can now decide to lock specific filter profiles in XTM Workbench.
  • The “Hide repeated segments” option has been extended to now include cross-file repetitions. Repeated segments can be hidden in XTM Workbench and then silently propagated to all subsequent repetitions.
  • The time intervals at which TM matches are updated are configurable at the server/client level.
  • QA profiles in XTM are now much more flexible. It is possible to define custom QA checks based on Regex patterns.
  • Localization of video subtitles is now more efficient in XTM Workbench. It is now possible to visualize source and target subtitles in context from within a video player in XTM Visual mode.
  • XTM supports Regular Expressions in the Find & Replace option in XTM Workbench.
  • The way untranslated or rejected terms are displayed in XTM Workbench has been now improved to enhance overall user experience.
  • The date picker in XTM Workbench has been redesigned to provide an improved user experience.


  • It is now possible to run Bilingual Terminology Extraction by uploading a bilingual file in the XLIFF or TMX format during TM import.
  • The alignment process has been further enhanced thanks to the improvements in the Inter-Language Vector Space.
  • The alignment performance has been enhanced thanks to a more optimized handling of linguistic resources.
  • Brand new stopwords dictionaries were introduced for a wide range of languages, including English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, and many others. This will improve all NLP-based functionalities in XTM Cloud.
  • The Aligner and Auto-inlines mechanisms have been enhanced to work in scenarios where the source language is the same as the target language. This is especially useful in projects with language variants.
  • The splitter of compound words used for German, Dutch, Danish, and Afrikaans has been significantly improved and new linguistic resources were introduced. This internal mechanism is used by the Aligner, Auto-inlines, and Bilingual Terminology Extractor.
  • The handling of inline tags in the Aligner has been improved.
  • A brand new mechanism has been developed to recognize punctuation characters  in all scripts included in the Unicode standard. This will significantly improve the Aligner, Auto-inlines and Bilingual Terminology Extractor.
  • The Kinyarwanda language has been added to the Aligner.

Translation Memory Manager

  • It is now possible to configure Dutch Netherlands and Dutch Belgium as language variants in TM matching.