Version 12.7 April 12, 2021

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.7

  • With XTM Bridge, it is now possible to assign a Project Manager during project creation.

Version 11.1 April 15, 2018

XTM Cloud min. version: 11.1

  • XTM Bridge can now send translated files to target folders when each job is finished, when all jobs in a language are finished or when the whole project is completed.

Version 11 March 4, 2018

XTM Cloud min. version: 11

  • XTM Bridge has been improved to keep copies of source files in archives, provide an option to map XTM languages with external systems and specify customers source and target languages.

Version 10.6 November 5, 2017

XTM Cloud min. version: 10.6

  • XTM Bridge can now support multiple customers.

Version 10 October 23, 2016

XTM Cloud min. version: 10

  • The functionality of XTM Bridge has been improved