New! Available in XTM Cloud Release number 202209011150

  • Query management module: it is now possible to call out a specific chat participant by mentioning (@) the relevant user in the chat box.



  • XTM Cloud now features a brand-new query management module that enables linguists and project managers to raise, answer and manage project-related questions.
  • XTM Cloud now supports the following languages: Bikol, Shilluk and Zande.

Project Management

  • Multiple cost and metrics reports have been extended and harmonized to include the information about non-translatable segments:
  • Project cost, metrics per step
  • Project cost, metrics and assignment per step
  • Metrics, custom field included
  • Costs & metrics per linguist
  • Initial metrics, assignment and costs


  • The REST API methods to update projects have been extended to provide the possibility to mark segments in Workbench as locked based on the same settings available on the UI.
  • REST API callbacks can now be authenticated using OAuth2.


  • XTM Workbench now leverages an improved, NLP-driven tokenizer for Thai. This results in a more accurate display of corrector’s changes.

Machine Translation

  • The DeepL integration has been extended to now support custom dictionaries as well as the formality parameter.