Release Notes

XTM Cloud v13.3

Going public from XTM Labs

  • XTM Cloud now identifies non-translatable segments even more accurately thanks to the advanced XTM NLP-driven named entity and measurement identifier.
  • New REST API endpoints are now available to obtain project LQA information.
  • Project Managers can now access and manage multiple projects much more effectively thanks to the brand-new Project groups functionality.
  • Administrators and Project managers can now benefit from advanced workflow management options by defining if workflow assignees need to first accept a task/project before starting to work on it.


  • You can now stay up to date on the status of XTM services by visiting our brand-new XTM Status page at
  • XTM Cloud now supports the following languages: Frafra, Chinese (Macau), Chinese (Malaysia), Ojibwe, Kangri, Swahili (Congo) and French (Guinea).
  • Administrators can now leverage filter templates to configure font mapping (MS Word) and segmentation rules.
  • The User details page has been completely redesigned to provide better user experience.
  • The XTM Cloud Project templates page has been redesigned to provide better user experience and align with the latest front-end technology.
  • When using the new XTM Cloud Query Management Module, Project managers can now specify if a chat is public or private. Besides, Project managers are now able to change chat participants in public chats.
  • Administrators and Project Managers can now define whether to include costs with warnings in costs and metrics reports.
  • XTM Cloud Administrators can now configure whether to exclude specific information from automatic email notifications sent to LSPs, Limited Project Managers and Customer Project Managers.
  • XTM Cloud Administrators are now able to decide whether to disable Proposals. This will hide the Proposals tab under the Project editor Estimates page.
  • XTM Cloud Administrators can now decide whether an additional validation is needed when users are created or their password/email is changed.

Project management

  • When performing an advanced search and moving to a different page, the search fields will be remembered when going back to the project list page. Additionally, the Reset fields button is now used to reset a search right away, reducing manual clicks.
  • The “auto-zipped” project status is now consistently named “auto-archived” throughout the product.
  • The project list switchers have been modified to improve user experience. The Deactivated switcher has been removed. Additionally, there are two new switchers to filter only Active or Auto-archived projects.
  • The “Report problem” option, which is available from the project context menu on the Project list page, now redirects to the XTM Support portal.
  • When the workflow option “All segments must be completed to finish the task” is activated, subcontractor PMs will now no longer have the option to finish the relevant steps, in line with the project requirements set by the contractor.
  • Project managers are now able to run an advanced search more efficiently thanks to the new option to search for projects based on their last modified date. Additionally, active projects will be returned by default to provide more relevant search results.
  • Project managers can now specify a Cost approver not just at Customer level but also at project level.


  • CLOSED BETA: Translation quality evaluation is now part of the automatic QA checks in XTM Workbench. This functionality works for both human and machine translation in all languages.
  • CLOSED BETA: XTM Workbench now features new QA checks to detect non-inclusive and inappropriate language in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese.
  • Terms are now recognized even more accurately in all languages thanks to the XTM NLP Mulltistemmer.

Translation QA

  • QA checks are now more accurate in Arabic, as several diacritical marks are no longer marked as false positives.

XTM Workbench

  • The concordance functionality now supports Boolean search in both XTM Workbench and XTM Concordance.
  • The option to run QA for the currently active segment has been improved to provide better user experience. The relevant segment errors are now directly highlighted in the QA docked panel.

File processing

  • XTM Cloud now supports multilingual COTI packages.

MT integrations

  • With XTM AI-enhanced TM powered by SYSTRAN NFA it is now possible to send to SYSTRAN all fuzzy match categories to improve the MT output on the fly.
  • The XTM Google AutoML integration now supports glossaries.
  • It is now possible to request the configuration of language mapping rules when using SAP MT.
  • The Acolad MT integration has been updated to comply with the latest MT requirements.
  • XTM Cloud Administrators can now define a custom API URL in the integration settings for Language Weaver.
  • XTM Cloud now no longer supports the integration with Tauyou MT.


  • It is now possible to obtain metrics at file bundle level via REST API.
  • The REST API call to obtain a link to Workbench has been extended to give the possibility to open Workbench in read-only mode.
  • It is now possible to define a workflow due date with the following REST API endpoints: createProject, createMutliProjects and updateDueDates.
  • New REST API endpoints are now available for linguists to obtain a list of assigned tasks, generate files, download files, upload translations as well as finish their tasks.
  • There are new REST API methods to create and update users, including their details like subject matters, language combinations, workflow steps and access rights.
  • Thanks to an additional parameter, it is now possible to decide if the workflow statuses should be retained when cloning a project.
  • The REST API method to download target files has been extended with a parameter to also include no-content and non-analyzable files at job level.
  • There is a new REST API method to update file properties (tags and metadata).
  • The workflow REST API has been improved to provide more visibility into workflow changes. A callback is now sent whenever an active step is deleted.