• XTM Cloud now features a brand-new look and feel, which provides better user experience and meets important accessibility standards.
  • It is now possible to open XTM Workbench or share a link to XTM Workbench directly from the Query Management page.
  • XTM Cloud now supports the following languages and language variants: Moore, Taglish, Shina, American Sign Language, Australian Sign Language, Peruvian Sign Language, Apache Western, Apache, Blackfoot, Cakchiquel-Quiché, Cakchiquel Kaqchikel, Efik, Fon, Iban, Kekchi, Kikamba, Kituba (Democratic Republic of Congo), Kituba (Congo), Kuna San Blas, Kuna Border, Lakota, Maya, Motu, Nivaclé, Cape Verdean Creole, Quechua (Peru), Quechua (Bolivia), Quechua (Ecuador), Stoney Nakoda, Tzotzil, Tzutjil, Yupik, English (Colombia), English (Peru), French (Polynesia), French (Tahiti), Portuguese (Cape Verde), German (Liechtenstein)

Project management

  • XTM Cloud now features a new Business Intelligence Dashboard centralizing all advanced KPI and Productivity data in one place. (BETA)
  • XTM Cloud Project managers can now customize the project list by defining a favorite project filter. Besides, whenever any project list columns are sorted, this order will be remembered across sessions.
  • The option to expand/collapse all rows on the Project list page will now be remembered across sessions.

XTM Workbench

  • Segment filtering in Workbench was improved to provide better user experience. When the filter doesn’t return any results, no segments will be shown.
  • Terms are now recognized more accurately in XTM Workbench when including spaces, special characters or numbers.

File processing

  • XTM Cloud can now process XLIFF 1.2 files to consider advanced options like defining translatable text, comments, segment IDs, segment length, custom attributes and HTML processing.

 Machine Translation

  • The XTM Cloud AutoML MT integration now supports Google native resources.


  • The REST API documentation page has been redesigned to provide better user experience.
  • It is now possible to define tag settings when creating or updating projects via REST API.
  • It is now possible to obtain penalty profiles as well as to define a penalty profile when creating or updating projects via REST API.
  • It is now possible to download reference files via REST API.
  • With the XTM REST API it is now possible to add or delete workflow steps, as well as to get the workflow step ID.
  • There is a new REST API endpoint to get the latest project costs based on the project ID.
  • The XTM REST API now supports SSO authentication.