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How to align previously translated documents

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1. As a Project Manager or an Administrator go to the Users tab and click the user meant to perform the alignment.

2. Open the access rights tab, add the Align access right to the right column in the Translation Memory section and click the Save button.

3. As the user with the Align access right, go to the TM tab, and click Align.

4. Type in a reference name, select source and target languages, and the customer.

5. Click the Choose File button to select a source file.

6. Click the Choose File button to select a target file, then click the Align button to start the process.

7. The requested alignment will display under Alignment history. Wait until the status changes from In progress to Done.

8. When the status has changed to Done, click Download.

9. The downloaded archive always contains two Excel files. The Aligned.xlsx contains all aligned segments, whilst the aligned.90+.xlsx only the segments aligned with the match probability value higher than 90%. It is recommended to review only aligned.90+.xlsx document to quickly create a high accuracy TM.

10. Target segment colors visually represent the likelihood of correctness. Column E lists the matching probability in range from 0 to 1 where 0 means a no match, and 1 is a 100% match. Anything else in between represents the likely level of confidence. Copy and paste or delete mismatched segments from this file.

11. When you have finished reviewing the alignment file, upload it back into XTM using the TM import described here (How to import your TM).