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How to create a company dashboard

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1. Go to the Projects tab > Company dashboard. There are two preset widgets.

2. Use the first button to refresh the data and charts, the second to edit a widget, and the third to remove it.

3. When you have clicked the Widget settings icon, a number of options will display. Change them to suit your needs and then click the Save button to reflect them in the charts. You can also change the name of a dashboard.

4. Click the plus (+) symbol to add a new company dashboard.

5. Select the data you wish to display and click the Save button.

6. Click the Settings icon to Add a new column, Edit dashboard or delete it.

7. Change the data to suit your needs, and click the Save button.

8. Click the Manage dashboards button.

9. Click the Add button. Specify the name for the new dashboard, decide if you want to dock it on submenu, and click the Save button.

10. If your dashboards are docked on submenu, click their names to display their related widgets.