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How to create a rate card for a linguist

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1. Only linguists can have rate cards. Go to the Users tab > User list, and select the linguist for whom you would like to create a rate card. If you do not have a linguist user, read the article “How to create a user with a role” article.
User list

2. Click the Rate card tab, select a billing currency, and click the Add button.
Linguist rate card

3. Type in a name for the rate card, select language combinations and subject matters.
Add rate card

4. Select a calculation method for rates. If you choose factors, then you need to choose your base price, and type in the percentage values to calculate the remaining rates. Click the Save button.
Rate calculation on factors

5. If you choose actual price, type in the specific rates for each type of the matches, and click the Save button.
Rate calculation on actual price

6. The linguist now has an active rate card that can be used for counting the cost of translation and issuing a purchase order.
Created rate card