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How to manage terminology

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1. Go to the Terminology tab and click Manage.

2. Find the terms you wish to manage by filtering for customer, language or approval status, or searching for a specific phrase. You can refine your search using Advanced search or tags. Alternatively, click Search without applying any filters to display all of your terminology.

Search for terms

3. Click the numbers above the search results to move forward or backward through the pages of your filtered terms. Use the trash button to delete all terms from this list or the export button to export your filtered terms directly from this page.

term results page choice

4. Click Add term in the top right corner of the screen to create a new term.

add term button

5. Select a term from the list to edit it. Use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to add a new translation for the selected term, delete it or save your changes.

edits to the term

6. Click the tag icon. Select tags from tag groups and click the Apply button.

select term tags

7. To establish relationships between terms click the Related terms icon, enter a phrase for searching or otherwise filter the list of terms, and click the Search button. Select terms from the list and click the Save button. The terms selected to be related are listed at the top of this window.

related terms

8. You can access the history of changes made to a term by clicking on the Clock icon in the term’s entry. To revert a term to a previous version, click the icon next to the version of the term that you want to restore and click the Save button.

history of term changes