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How to perform LQA in XTM

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1. Open the project where you are assigned as the LQA specialist.
project list

2. Move to the segment where you want to mark an error and expand the LQA section.
workflow tab

3. Click an error category to mark a specific error type or mark a general category mark. Select the blue icon to add a minor error, yellow to add a major error, and red to add a critical error.
workflow editor

4. Errors marked in a segment display below the segment text and above LQA error categories.

5. When the connection with TAUS is enabled and set up, it is possible to display the LQA results in the TAUS Quality Dashboard. The LQA results are available on the project’s Error Annotation report.
save result in user record

6. The Errors per category and severity chart illustrates the error type and weight of the errors marked in XTM.
lqa workflow step