Version 1.3.0 March 21, 2022

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.9

  • It is now possible to access help resources and release notes more easily through the new Release notes and Help button on the connector’s UI.

Version 1.2.0 January 14, 2022

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.9

  • With XTM Connect – Hubspot, translation requesters can now submit content created with custom HubSpot modules.

Version 1.1.0 November 23, 2021

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.8

  • HubSpot translation requesters now have better visibility into the actual progress of their translation projects. The Workflow step column now shows “Not started” when the project is sent to XTM Cloud but not yet in progress. The workflow step name will only be showed once the workflow has been started in XTM Cloud.
  • The Admin panel as well as the translation panel now show the XTM Connect – Hubspot version and build number in the top black ribbon.
  • Blog posts can now be correctly translated and imported back to HubSpot
  • Translated forms can now be correctly imported into HubSpot
  • Fixed a glitch occurring when searching for and filtering content in HubSpot
  • Improved the overall page display when using higher resolution

Version 1.0 April 12, 2021

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.7

  • A new connector, XTM Connect – Hubspot, has been developed to support easy and fast translation workflows between XTM Cloud and the Hubspot content management platform.