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How to assign a Draft status to a segment

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1. In XTM Workbench, there is a new Draft status to mark segments with unconfirmed translation. To use it, go to the Status segment column, click on the status icon, select Draft and move to another segment.
2. To find segments easily with a Draft status, you need to create a filter. Click on the Filter button and from the drop-down menu select Choose filters.
draft status in xtm workbench
3. After the Apply filters window opens up, go to Status and check Specific statuses > Draft. Next, provide the template name for this filter and click Save.
draft status in XTM Workbench
4. To apply the new Draft status filter, go to Filter > Favorite filters > Draft status.
draft status
5. Once the filtering has been finished, only segments that require additional information will be displayed.
draft status